Back to shooting some portraits of the people I work with on a daily basis.  A good crew!

A 14 second clip I created entirely on my phone devoid of complex setups and task of sitting in front of a computer editing.  Made after a long week of shooting at work and a need to escape into the woods to come up for a breath of air

Portraits are something I really enjoy.  Interacting with someone one on one.  Just to see if I can catch a bit of their personality in their photos.  I'm hoping to do some more this fall and make audio recordings of the people.  More immersive than just text


Wandering around in my new city with a new camera and wanted to try some double exposures in camera.  There's post editing on some, but only burning and dodging.

On location for a couple shoots in Cali.  In my off time I have to get out and shoot.  I couldn't pass up what little time I had